Welcome to my page! Here are quick links to my research, teaching, and advocacy work.

I'm currently a Law and Philosophy Post-Doctoral Fellow at UCLA and Affiliate Faculty Member at UCLA's Critical Race Studies Program. In the fall, I'll start as an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado, Boulder with an Affiliate Appointment at Colorado Law. 

My research applies tools from decision-theory and epistemology to topics in value theory, philosophy of race, and social and political philosophy. In my most recent work on racial bias, I examine the ways in which prejudice infects the decision-making of individuals, courts, and legislative bodies. At root, my work aims to make salient the unity of norms that govern these disparate domains of choice.

My teaching is informed by the gap I’ve seen between the number of undergraduate students who are interested in philosophical questions and the number of students who ever take a philosophy class. In particular, the number of students with an interest in law, politics, and social change far outstrips the number of students who enroll in classes on ethics, political theory, or social justice. I work to bridge this gap through recruiting new students, engaging with them, and tailoring my classes to their passions.

In my advocacy work, I partner with small and mid-sized non-profits on development, policy research, and strategic communications. Recently, my work has focused on criminal justice reform and the racial wealth gap. Former clients include the Insight Center for Community Economic Development, Californians for Safety and Justice, and Race Forward.