My research applies tools from decision-theory and epistemology to topics in normative ethics, philosophy of law, and social and political philosophy. I’ve also written numerous papers on Buddhist philosophy. Some relevant publications and works in progress are listed below.

Value Theory
The Wrong Understanding of Praise (2023). Erkenntnis.
Two Faces of Rationality (2020). Synthese.
When Manipulation Gets Personal (2016). Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

In Progress: A paper on subjective normativity that has received an R&R from Ethics.

Philosophy of Law
The Case Against Unanimous Jury Requirements (2022). Journal of Political Philosophy.
Statistical Evidence and Incentives in the Law (2021). Philosophical Issues: A Supplement to Nous, with John Hawthorne and Yoaav Isaacs.

In Progress: A paper on liberty and blackmail that has received an R&R from Philosophy and Public Affairs.

Social and Political Philosophy
Procedural Chances and the Equality of Claims (2023). Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Here, There, or Delaware? How Corporate Threats Distort Democracy (2022). Philosophy, Politics & Economics, with Athmeya Jayaram.

In Progress: A paper on the proportionality of war that has received an R&R from The Journal of Philosophy.

Buddhist Philosophy
From Conscious Experience to a Conscious Self (2016). Philosophical Psychology.
Selfless Ethics: The Equality of Non-Existence (2016). Philosophy East and West.
The Metaphysics of No-Self (2013). Journal of Buddhist Ethics.

In Progress: A paper arguing that the Bramaviharas provide a complete Buddhist moral psychology.