Welcome! I am an Oakland-based writer, researcher, and peace activist with a deep engagement with racial and economic justice, ethics, and Buddhism.

My academic research focuses on philosophy of mind, ethics, and theories of the self. Most recently, I have been investigating the relationship between conscious choice, moral responsibility, and identity. I also write popular press and policy papers as a consultant to racial and economic justice organizations. My clients have included the Race Forward, Insight Center for Community and Economic Development, Californians for Safety and Justice, Full Court Press Communications, and ASO Communications. My formative years studying, researching, and questioning took place at Columbia College and Stanford University .

Over the past year, I have been deeply moved, healed, and nurtured through a variety of self care practices. I have a strong belief that these kinds of practices can help individuals overcome past traumas and more deeply connect with our shared values of communal well-being.

In all I do and strive to be, I am guided and inspired by my partner Stefani Cox.